writer’s block…

Sometimes I think there are too many things that I want to do.. and in the process of doing those things, other things fall through cracks (this week it’s been my poor kids.. el neglecto) Other things I’ve been neglecting.. my blogS, my yard (who am I kidding, my yard has been neglected now for months), getting ready in something besides sweats, and photography! I have like whatever would be writer’s block but to photography. Photography block. So anyway.. any advice? What can I do to help myself? Usually I find music I love.. and lucky me! Regina Spektor’s new album has four songs on playlist, but it’s still not helping me. I don’t know if my brain is on overload from too many lifetime movies, too many home projects (most of them done!!), a rockin’ Halloween decoration thanks very much to my friend, Marianne (we learned how to master a jig saw)! too many lunches out… very much el addictedo to Lone Star thanks to Ash and Jimmy Johns thanks to Marianne, and many other projects that I am VERY excited about, but will tell you about later.. Ah well, I guess I’ve been livin’ it up outside of computer land. Anyway.. here’s a cute one of Brody to make me feel like I am doing something photographyish!

  • I totally know how it is to be in that "photography funk!" When that happens to me, I search around for more ideas. Anything around me that would be great as a pic. Then I offer a "special" or a giveaway. It seems to get more people interested and it gives me an opportunity to use those new ideas. You sound like me. I have so many irons in the fire. But you love them all you just can't take some out! So you keep chuggin along! Hopefully this photography block ends soon. Good luck girl!

  • Very Cute linds. I love the white fuzzy blanket. Do you think you could make this in black and white? How did the others turn out?

  • I go through the photography block myself. Thats is when I take Nash out and we do a fun shoot where I just snap away at him nothing fancy. Then come home and edit 2 or 3 and I am ready to take more. Sometimes although you just need a break!

    I love the texture on this photo. Where did you get it?

  • Linds… maybe you need to get some inspiration from Logan. COME SEE US!! Not only do I want you to take some pics of Chloe in the tutu I made her, but I want to HANG OUT!

  • Cute cute cute! I have photography block too. I am stuck in a rut. But I have moved on to shopping and baking to help get me out. And I am learning to KNIT!!

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