weLcoMe dAisY

Some of our friends recently adopted this beautiful little gal.. And she is in neighborhood demand.. I have plenty other friends wanting a sneak peek.. So here it is! I know I said I was going to show you my cute 4th of July bags, but that’ll be tomorrow, and a sneak peek of this girl is even better!

Since her Mom and Dad wanted to do some pics in her traditional Chinese dress, I thought it would be fun to do some Chinese architecture, too. I found some at the International Peace Gardens in downtown Salt Lake. I’d never been there before, and thought it was worth visiting..

aaaand here she is!

I think the right word for her would be “spirited.” She was so cute and spunky.. I was in love automatically.

I can’t believe how perfect she is for her new family.. she’s the perfect fit. I loved seeing them all together.

And we are so glad to welcome her to our neighborhood family!

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