Salt Flats Graffiti-Tastic Extraordinaire Family Shoot

So I gotsta love me these Hodson girls! How cute is this family? And such troopers in the cold weather. I have to admit, I’ve never seen a family work the graffiti like they do. Notice the “sissy pants” on the door frame? We couldn’t help ourselves… All three cute kiddos.. Someone’s got a baptism coming up! We got extra of this cutie for her invites.. Love this one! Somehow graffiti just works better for teenage boys pics. Call me crazy, I know.. I’m sure a field of flowers would be great, too. Thanks for looking!

  • Such great pics. I love the graffiti – especially because it isn't foul (or at least I can't tell – if it is!) So cute!

  • Maybe you'll want to place a facebook icon to your blog. Just bookmarked this blog, however I had to make this manually. Just my 2 cents.

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