ShaKe YoUr PoM pOm!!

Welcome to my weekend of no sleep, and all stinky runners. This was my first experience with the Ragnar race.

I have to admit, one of my favorite parts was our blow horn. Some people loved it, some people hated us. You could hear us coming for miles. Above you see my sister, Brooke very passionately calling to all ragnar racers. (p.s. this field made my allergies go ridiculous.. my eyes were pretty much swollen shut and had welts around them. I didn’t want to take pictures because I had never had anything like that happen, and I was terrified in my delirious state that it might be permanent)

So what is this race you ask? Why is Lindsey dressed so politically incorrect? Because our team was the Wild Wild West, yo! (named after Camille’s family’s last name.. didn’t even occur to me until right before) Ragnar is a relay from Logan to Park City, totaling 180 miles. Our team was made up of two cars of six. In our car we had me, my sister Brooke, my mom, my aunt, Sharon, my brother Colter and his wife Camille. In car one, Camille’s family.
My leg was the first for our car, all along the way your car can stop and support you.. get you all the gatorade and e caps you could ask for. Or Rock Star, in my case (which just gave me kidney stones.. I think I passed one along the way.. awesome)

Camille’s first leg was crazy uphill followed by one mile of straight downhill. Feels good on the shin splints. Can you see the little indian running up the hill?

Our car was the chief. Everyone decorates their cars, some definitely more than others. There are prizes for the best decorated.

Brooke and I tried to get some sleep before our second legs. It was hard for a couple reasons to sleep. First, it was 9:00. Second, we were on a hill of rocky grass. And I think third, definitely could have made a small impact.. We were right next to the “honey buckets” and every now and then we would get a potent whiff. It was so romantic. I wished Jess was there.

Little bit burnt…

The runs were absolutely gorgeous. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. The first day was super hot, our second leg was in the middle of the night, and leg three was overcast but not too rainy.

This is was a lot of the legs looked like when you came to your exchange. Beautiful scenery and lots of SUVs.

I kept trying to get a picture of Sharon, but I couldn’t get her face because she wouldn’t stop kissing her bicep long enough for me to snap one.

One of my favorite parts of the race.. (maybe because I was done running by this point..)

p.s. I do love my mom, pretty much all of the pictures I got of her I know she wouldn’t want me posting on my blog. She was there, though!!

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