Photobooth It Up!

So we pretty much have an awesome neighborhood. I do have to specify…Of the whole block, I live on the coolest street, but the surrounding area is cool as well. When Jess and I were looking to buy a house, this one was the only one where all the neighbors came out to talk to us as we were looking. They invited us to their block party right off the bat. Needless to say, it has been a tradition on our street over the years, and this year expanded to the rest of the actual “block”. We had neighbors who rented a water slide, a rock climbing wall, a magician, and had an awesome band play. I had to pitch in somehow.. I figured these little photo booths with props are all the rage, and who am I to turn down a trend?

I look at myself and I think.. I would’ve made a fugly man..

Rockin’ the paper beard!

Yeah, you read it right.

Love the extra hand.. Brian demanded too many props and then proceeded to demand an assistant..

Love it!

Don’t let the group scare you off! There are currently homes for sale.. Just sayin’..

If you are thinking about doing a photobooth, Do it!! It’s super easy! I just found a fun large piece of fabric to hang on a fence. The props are all cut out of paper, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do it an hour before the party. Think of how cute they could be if you didn’t procrastinate! I just looked up ideas on pinterest and etsy. These were some of the ones I used as my inspiration:

A word of advice is to keep your sticks on the side. Some of them I taped right in the middle not thinking about the fact the stick would be placed in the middle of the person’s face. Probably most people would think about it, but not me. Check it out, you can learn from my dumb mistakes. I used barbecue skewers and cardstock and just cut freehand. The kids loved this, and it was a lot of fun. I will definitely be doing it again.

Do it at your next party! Tell me how it went!

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