peachberry bites

These little guys came about one night when I was late for a neighborhood bar.b.que. I’m always the disappointment who comes with something store-bought when everyone else has their delicious homemade sides. I couldn’t be the flake who was late and bumming food off of everyone else. So I threw these things together, and botta bing botta boom! People tell me they liked them.. but maybe they were just trying to support my efforts…

All you need is right here

Athens mini fillo shells (I use two packs)

Smuckers boysenberry syrup (yeah, the stuff for pancakes)

Peach sherbet

Cool Whip


Don’t judge my messy house.. I started this time by putting a little syrup in the bottom of the cup.

I fill the shell most of the way with the sherbet. Easier if it’s softened..

Top it off with some cool whip..

At this point I freeze it until I’m ready to serve it. It softens up pretty fast, so especially for something like a bar-b-que you’re gonna want it pretty frozen.

Ready to hit the party? Take those bad boys out and drizzle some more boysenberry syrup over the top, garnish with a raspberry and go!
I was trying to snap a pic while Benny was trying to steal one…

They’re really easy and quick to make… My specialty!

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