My layered extendered skirt

After buying an extender slip for thirty dollars from a local boutique, I have been wanting to make one for myself.  Being pregnant, this has come in so handy because my dresses keep getting shorter as my stomach grows.  I just used a knee length slip I already owned and found some different white and cream lace from JoAnne’s.  I feel like using the different shades of white help it go with more things.  Adding lace to an existing slip is as easy as sewing straight lines, so trust me- if I can do it, anyone can.  But there are many tutorials on Pinterest, including this one
I’m definitely a skirt and dress kind of girl, so this has saved me!  Plus, I love the added texture under skirts.
  • I need to do this! Such a great idea for being prego during summer. Also, dresses are so short now a days. You'll have to teach me how to sew 🙂

  • I love all the layers. I thought a lot of layers would be adorable but all the ones I've seen have only had one or two layers. I love, love, love this one you made! I will be making these with the young women at church and I can't wait!!!

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