My Gorgeous Gals

Here’s a little preview of our trip to the local orchard. This local orchard just happened to be full of long, wet grass that rocked my allergen world.. like no allergen ever has. I had a Hitch moment when my face and eyes got super swollen and my legs welted and were covered in hives. I learned my lesson… getting older=worse allergies. Also.. if your face and legs are swelling, go home and get out of the way of anyone with a camera-yeah, I’m talking to you, Marielle!!

I have been called to the Young Women in my ward longer than I was in Young Women’s, myself.. and I love it. We thought it would be fun to get some cute pics of the girls before girls’ camp.

Love the apple trees..
Such a cute smile!
Times two!
Times three!
This one’s got the photoshoot down.. Seriously!
Love this one!
So photogenic!

“Ah, You girls just keep me young. I just love you so much.”
– Mean Girls quote… but you already knew that.

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