Leprechaun Treasure Hunt

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I love to leave my kids a green goody basket from their personal leprechaun, Leroy.. but you know I’m gonna make them work for it. These are the clues that I wrote, and I thought I would share if anyone wants to start their own St. Patrick’s Day tradition.

When I wrote this out, I tried to keep it general enough that anyone should be able to use it. I print my clues on green (white this year, with green ribbon…it was kinda last minute) paper and tape them in their hiding spots. I usually throw tinsel or glitter around where the leprechaun has been.

Your clues will hide like this:

1. leave out in the open
2. under the couch
3. in the fridge
4. dining table
5. bathtub/shower
6. t.v.
7. in their closet-since I have two little ones, I will put
their surprises in their own closet.
Who knows? Maybe Leroy will visit my husband, too. If he’s lucky.

I wrote these for younger kids, they shouldn’t be too hard for them to figure out…


To my lil’ lads and lassies I say hello!
I am a wee lil’ leprechaun from the rainbow.
To find your St. Patty’s Day treasure, I have left you some clues.
Look under the couch for something green-me favorite color, it’s true!
To find clue number three, you won’t have to look far.
Just think of a place where all your green veggies are.
It’s full of good things to eat, and it’s so very cold.
But it can get stinky inside if things start to mold!
You’re on your way to finding your own gold.
Now be good lads and lassies and do as you’re told!
You’ve just taken a trip to the refrigerator.
Now go look around where you’ll eat dinner later.

Tis a magical four-leaf-clover kind of lucky day!
You’re getting closer to your treasure; alas! halfway!
You’re wee lil’ ones often stinky, or covered in mud.
Look where you go to get clean with bubbly soap suds.

Oh holy shamrock! You’re a great treasure hunter!
Hiding clues is lots of work-you’re aware I’m quite miniature.
Look next in a place where you shouldn’t sit and watch all day.
Eat your popcorn in front of it, then go out and play!
Your rainbow’s gold is one clue away.
And how I wish a wee bit longer I could stay.
Look where you hang all your clothes and put your shoes.
And you’ll finally find something besides just a clue!
Thank you for all the St. Patrick’s Day fun!
But it’s time that this lil’ leprechaun better run.
Back to the rainbow to give me Irish mum a kiss.
And make sure to wear green! You don’t want to get pinched!
Love, Leroy
Your personal leprechaun

Hope you enjoy!
For our treasure:
I just tried to find everything green that I could. So I found green blow pops, sprite, green bubbles, junior mints, a sparkly gold bouncy ball (all a $), the green basket is from All A Dollar, too. Bauer also got a green train for his thomas table and a big green ball. Bentley has wanted a Monster High doll for a while, and I thought this may be the opportunity to finally get her one. I felt like that would be a weird addition to an Easter basket. It turned out perfect, because there was one with green skin. I also found her green dippin‘ dots lip gloss from all a dolla. So there’s some pot’o‘ gold ideas. And kids love just a pot of gold chocolates! I just somehow have suckered myself into a standard these kids are holding me to… or Leroy to.

Here is my first attempt at trying to upload my document. It sort of worked, I lost my cute fonts. If anyone has any advice for having attaching documents in blogger, let me know!


If you’re not wearing green I hope you get pinched! And I hope it leaves a bruise.
  • How cute is this…if only I wasn't a day late 🙁 My babies bday is St Patricks day and my 4 yr old would have loved something for himself (he was a little on the jealous side all day) Speaking of my baby she just turned one and I want to get some pics taken of her. Whats your prices and availability? I think you may have my email but its civicsista808@hotmail.com

  • It must be a little touch of Leprechaun magic (be they Irish or Hawaiian) who led me to your site tonight while on vacation in Hawaii. The magic of the little people have had me putting shiny pennies into a small cauldron in the y of a tree in our forest, since our first grandchild came 8 years ago. The believe, delightedly that Nana's leprechauns arrive each StPatrick's Day and leave at Halloween (too cold in Canada for them in winter you know!) Now I can tell them that they go to Hawaii! I told the grandkids that they use the shiny pennies to build with (little did I know until today that Hawaiian leprechauns are master builders! isn't childlike magic great!) The kids leave the pennies and then, magically a few candies appear in the pots in the forest, with salt with the pennies being used to keep the greedy trolls out of the pots. Keep up the magic Mum…you are giving your children a wonderful memory to pass along. May the wee people bless you with rainbows ends for all of your life.
    Lynn Wood Belfountain Ontario

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