kickin’ off V*day

So the plan was 14 days of Valentine’s.. makes sense, right? But I have a defect. I’m a little bit bi-polar when it comes to my blog. 90 % of me wants to fix it up and have cute fun stuff on it including pictures, crafts, recipes.. anything!! And the 10% of me that’s too ornery/busy/ more in the mood to watch a lifetime movie usually wins. But.. that takes us back to the New Year’s resolutions.. and I made a resolution to be better about blogging. I took a second to go through my old family blog yesterday, and now I realize why. There are so many little things I blogged about that I have forgotten about. And it’s so fun to go back and see! So whether someone finds something here that they like, or I have something for a point of reference for myself.. I’m happy.

Here are two of my kiddos that didn’t make the cut for our Valentine’s Day cards.. but I thought they were too cute not to share.. I hate to post the ones that are on the card.. then it’s like you’re already seen it.. and what fun is a card you’ve already seen? None.

That takes us back to the 14 days of Valentine’s. It’s now down to twelve. That’s how I roll. Next year may be better. Maybe I’ll be worse? Maybe it’ll be 9 days of Valentine’s. Who knows.. that’s what you get when you’re dealin’ with a bipolar blogger. ANywaY, In an hour or two, my official first day of Valentine’s Partyin’ will be up!
  • So cute! I am impressed. I always want to do the 12 days of Christmas and don't remember until like the 5th day and then its too late. I love the pom poms! You're so talented!!!

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