Just a smidge of what I’ve been working on..

So I have been slaving away. But don’t ask me what I’ve been slaving away ON.. I seem to have a slight problem with painting everything over and over again. But that’s another post.. I am happy to say that I have been working on my writing often, and I have actually been getting some things done around my house.. It’s decked out tackily in Halloween and one of the bigger accomplishments- my garage is almost clean enough to park in (As long as you don’t count the five pieces of furniture I bought last Saturday). I have had tons of fun photo shoots over the past couple weeks, and wanted to show this one..

I had the pleasure of working with a sassy little crew of ladies..

Do we love the tutus?

Super intense tea party. Many more cuties to come.. I’m a horrible blogger, but I’m trying my best to keep up with my projects.. Here’s a list of things I want to show that I’ve been working on:

Bauer’s room remodel complete with refinished vintage dressers

Bentley’s finished product of a room

Our homemade Halloween costumes

Our homemade Halloween decorations

My new refinished coffee table.. in indigo

My ruffle pillows

My under construction chandelier


They may not be that interesting, but I want to post ’em!

Plus many more photos!

See ya soon! I hope…

p.s. can I just say I am obsessed with this Bruno Mars song?? I am dorky enough to admit it’s getting me excited for the new Twilight movie!!


    So I've been meaning call/text/email you and tell you to be on the look out for a desk for me. I'm going crazy without one and have had no success in my DI run throughs (ok, so I've only made it there three or four times total… but always was so hopeful!) No such luck. But you, my friend, seem to always be lucky!

  • Dang girl you've been busy! I dunno where you find the time, but I can't wait to see ALL the things that you have listed. You better post them:)
    I love the tea party girls. Great job on the picture!

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