it’s okay for a girl to dream

It’s that time of year again. I start putting together a folder of all my yard inspirations that I would love for my own yard. And every year my yard looks a little worse than the year before. But I feel like this might be the year that we make some progress.. I know, sounds crazy.. but I have already trimmed (butchered) my huge tree in my back yard, and planted some potters…so there. I really want a fire pit, with permanent seating like this guy. I also love the idea of a little waterfall behind the pit..

I have a wood pile in my backyard right now that terrifies me. I know there is a spider city in there, and anytime my kids go near it I have an anxiety attack. I love the way this looks-a somewhat organized stylish wood pile. Maybe it would contain some of the chaos that is my wood pile that is going on right now.. Spiders runnin the show and thinkin’ they own the place in my backyard.

And this guy. How awesome would this be? Now I just have to get to work, I’ll keep you posted if any of these dreams ever come true!

And I wanna know-What projects are you aspiring to this summer?

  • Hello…I tried to find a way to just email you…but I guess there isn't that option! I came across your blog by accident and it cracks me up!

    I decided I would start my own (yours was my inspiration!) and I just can't figure it out!!! Am I an idiot?!?! Ha.

    I got to the point where it has a title and I can post something. But you have categories to choose from and whatnot. How do I do that?!?!


  • My husband gets nervous when I save ideas…lol Finally this year I've done some of mine. So pick something and work on it and little by little you will have the garden you want… I hope it works out for me that way too!

  • my GF and I are buying a house here shortly and I like this wood pile idea. Right now the prev owners have the wood inside the garage. I would like to move some of it outside. Of course here in Colorado I would need to keep the wood covered to keep it dry.

  • I share the same desire for a fire pit! We're just renting right now, so we couldn't get the permanent seating, but boy would that be rad. 🙂 I hope you guys get it done- that'd be a blast to have in your backyard.

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