in love with bakerella…

I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t ever heard of these.. and that makes me sad. Sad because it’s two of my favorite things combined.. cupcakes and food on sticks. Cupcake on a stick!?! Happy Valentine’s Day, me!

Now, I know everyone has already heard about these, but in case you didn’t know how to make them, you can find them on the bakerella website.

So cute!

  • No, you are not the only one. I had never heard about them before last night. They are seriously, well…cakealicious! Yum!

  • I don’t get that fancy with my food…they just never make it on the stick before they are popped in my mouth…they look yummy…too bad we are on a diet!

  • Lindsey…hello! How are you? Your pics are awesome…you were meant for photography! How fun is that your bro is marrying Camille…I didn’t know they were together! I was just informed by my sis they were dating in high school…ya I’m out of the loop! Anyways I love their engagements…way to go!

    ps. I hadn’t heard of those cupcakes either…they look tasty!

  • Hi! This is Malissa you left a message on my headband blog! I have started my photography blog as well! I love that picture of the cat very nice! What kind of camera do you use? my husband got me one for Christmas, and Im getting into photography!

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