holy cute

What a cutie! Here are a few of my favorites from the weekend wedding. Doesn’t she look like a little curly sue?

I love this picture of a happy little Ben and Dana family..

  • Holy crap!!! You did such a great job, you are really good at this! You seriously need to get some business cards printed and I’ll spread them around like wild fire. I am so excited to see the rest of them! I seriously can’t believe how great these turned out. I need to come over and play soon….let me know what the rest of your week looks like. Can’t wait.

  • Way cute! THat little girl is totally adorable! You did an awesome job on the wedding too! They look so happy!
    Christina told me to ask you about photobucket because you are a pro at it. if you click on my pictures on my blog, it takes you to my account. and people could take them if they wanted. she told me to set it to private which I did, but it still is taking me to my account when I click on the pictures. how do I fix that? Hope you know, I don’t want my picts stolen. thanks!

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