Happy Halloween!

Yikes that’s a bird-tastic crew. My little Bauer has never willingly dressed up for Halloween (he’s only three.. but still). In September, I started asking him about what he would like to be. I gave him all kinds of suggestions that I thought would appeal to him including cars, trains, spongebob, etc. He turned me down to all of them. Out of nowhere a few days later, he said to me “Mom. I know what I want to be. A big, red angry bird.” I laughed thinking how funny it was for him to come up with that. Somehow, one turned into four (plus two other misc costumes I had already made) and boom. Look at Aunt Sharon as mad a bird as could be.

  • Angry Birds was the "hit" carnival game at our Trunk-or-Treat. Super creative lady made the game with a spoon contraption where you put the angry bird, pull the spoon back and let go to knock down the block buildings with birds in them. It was a huge hit! Most people knew what it was, but I had one friend ask me why it was so popular…and what it was… all I know it's a huge hit at our house! 🙂

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