Gettin’ Hitched!!

I loved working with you two! Thanks for being patient and cooperative..

This post is a mix of both wedding reception, day and bridals from the summer.. enjoy! Flowers and such were amazing.. their party planner was so cute, her contact is if you’re interested in more.

Proud of her catch…
I think you gotta have the classic “cheer” pic cause it’s hillarious to look back on it and look at everyone doing their cheers. I still laugh when I look at mine.

Love the dance…

  • Oh Linds,
    My photoshoots with my kiddos are the same way. If you ever want to do a photoshoot swap I would totally love to. It seems like they are always better for other people. Just let me know! Casey's pics turned out great! She looks beautiful as always.

  • Kacey looks so beautiful! Great shots. Very brave to do weddings. I love the cheering pictures too…haha. Our photographer had us just do a big group hug…it was different but one of my favorite pictures.

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