Gem Festival = I’m in trouble

I promised Jess I would be disciplined enough this week to not spend any money. It started when I was talking with my aunt last week about how every time Jesse checks our account, it’s always off by hundreds of dollars… When I told my aunt this, she said, “Poor Jesse.” I was a little offended. I feel I spend money only on things I need. Maybe. But after I thought a little more about it, I decided I would try a little experiment to see if I could control myself from spending any money during the week. I thought I did well. I thought I deserved a little reward from all my hard work during the week. Plus, I did promise not to spend any money during the week, not the weekend. The gem festival was Friday. Anyway, I was in a little trouble.

(this is my mom’s purchases combined with mine..)

But now think of all the cute projects I can work on! And I’ll even blog how to on some of them, if I’m not lazy. So fun and springy! I can’t wait.

The Gem Festival comes every three months, so if ya wanna go in June, I’ll see you there!

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