My nephew, Gavin has got more energy than most kids times five. Trying to catch a few pictures of him was tough! The few that I did get definately get who he is. You know me, though. The little troublemakers are my favorites!

Basically the view I had of him the whole time…

What a stud..

It really doesn’t get more boyish than dirt and boogers.

Runnin’! Always runnin’.

Standing still for just a sec.. You can see it in his eyes. He’s looking at what he’s going to run to next.

Lookin’ at his cute mama

One of my favorites..

Getting ready to go down the slide! Isn’t it awesome to see a beautiful blue sky again? I’ve missed good weather.

What a handsome little man. This is my favorite. When did our babies turn into kids?

  • I can’t believe how many good ones you got in 30 mins! They are awesome. I am so excited to have you do Sadie’s. I love Lindsey’s wedding too.

  • What a little Jason! I love these pictures, his yellow boots are awesome. You seriously get the best workout when photographing kids, they move so fast…they are my favorite.

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