FaTheRs DaY

Here’s a little example of the differences between Jesse, my husband, and Me.

Me: I wanna get you an Ipad for Fathers’ Day. You deserve something nice, let me spoil you, pleeease?
Jesse: You going and spending money that I’m just going to have to earn back is not my idea of being spoiled.

Plan B. Actually, plan E…F? I always dream of surprising Jess with something unexpected.. but my plans never really pan out. My biggest dream? To one day surprise him with a big giant truck with some 4-wheelers in tow. Seriously.. I think about it all the time. Now… where do I get and then hide the 60,000 dollars to do so? Since I didn’t quite reach my goal and lavishly surprise him, I had to go looking for some other ideas. And when I’m looking for ideas, I always look to my hero, Marth, first..

How cute is this? Bentley is my little artist, so she would love to give this.. and I think it would be something Jesse would use.
I always love a full basket of goodies. And once again.. practical. This guy might come from me..

On Martha’s website, you can print off these labels. Count me in. I love you, Martha.

I also thought about some personalized gifts for my daddy-o, Big Bad Bruce.. I found this artwork on Etsy from sodapopcorleone. This may blow your mind for a sec, but there isn’t a lot of Tab soda gifts out there. My dad drinks it like crazy, and yes… they still make it. And no, I don’t think he’s the ONLY one who still drinks it. He could be, who knows. Here’s something I didn’t know until a year or two ago.. Tab was originally marketed as a woman’s diet drink.. pink can? Tab fact. My dad wears womenswal-mart shape up’s too. He’s a complicated person to shop for.

My dad loves his tractor. He’s always out working on it.. ordering things for it.. but never really using it? I plugged in “tractor” to Etsy and found this guy amongst thousands of kiddie tractor things. I don’t see my brother or sister spending this kind of time looking for the perfect gift. And I’m the least fav?

Now for the Husband of mine who wishes he were raised on the Jersey Shore.. I thought what would be better than a Pauly D pendant? It would go perfectly with the dog tags he often wears, possibly on the same chain. You may think I’m kidding, but my husband would be stoked. Wish I would’ve thought of it in time!
Look at that stare. Right into your soul.

Last, but defintely not least comes the plaque that I know Jess would love. It’s lyrics from one of his favorite shows. Also found on Etsy, from luciusart.. again. Wishing I would have gone diggin‘ sooner!

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Daddy-o’s in my life! I’m so happy my kids have such a great dad!

  • Finally had 2 minutes to sit down and look at blogs. Love your posts. Your pics are always so beautiful and YOU KNOW JESSE! It just makes me laugh! You are so creative it just blows my mind!

  • Love your blog! Your gift ideas are fabulous. And might seem like a weird comment but I love your hair. Lol! Makes me want to cut long bangs back in mine. I'm going to try your lemonade cupcakes this week. Cannot wait to see how they turn out. They look divine.

  • Kim b- thanks! I hope they turn out!
    Deb- You're so great! I'm so glad u guys are back and safe. I can't wait to see pictures of your trip!! I'm so excited to see everyone and catch up!

  • I am impressed. I ran to Walmart for flowers for Stan. We have a flower agreement. He loves flowers and I don't. I buy what I want for mother's day. He buys me flowers I don't really want. We are both happy. For father's day I buy him flowers and once again, we are both happy! Did you guys have the cookout? We've been out of town.

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