el preggo continued

I love so many of the pictures we got of pregnant Paris, let me know what you think!

One of my faves…

Don’t worry about it. Just another pregnant girl sitting on the train tracks.

I’m still very much deciding what style is more me. I love a pop art feel. Tell me what you think!

Thanks Paris for being too cute while pregnant!

  • k linds! I want you to take my preggo pics! Gonna be down to Bryce anytime in the next 3 weeks? ;o) They all turned out so great! I really like the last two, the seem to scream YOU. But that's just me. the second to last one is one of my fav's because it's got this vintage feel to it. Love it!

  • Linds, these turned out way cute! If only I didn't gained 60 pounds when I'm pregnant I would have had you do some of me.

  • These turned out great! I didn't even know Paris was pregnant. I like the more crisp look on the subject but I do love the soft backgrounds around them. Both of your styles are great. It is fun playing around with the different styles but when it comes down to it, do what feels natural. I have learned that the hard way!

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