More of my cute Family + their cute dogs

These are some of my cute cousins.. I always want to say nephews.. We went on a chilly Wheeler Farm shoot and they were such good sports even though it was freezin!

I feel short when my younger cousins are taller than me.. Chancey made me feel short! Or maybe just my shortness makes me feel short. Who knows.

I got to hang out with their dogs for a second, meet Bella…

and SUEY (you have to read that name in a really low voice). This is going to blow your mind, but no.. the measurements are not off on this picture. The dog is really that wide. When Jess got me my pug, Dolce.. this is what I hopefully thought she would turn into… so far no luck. I need to know the secret skills in getting your dog this awesome..

… mind blown??

One of my favs…

I like how the colors turned out in this one..

My favorite from the group…

A big ol’ Thanks to my aunt Jeni for being so cute and patient while we went through me trying to make their Christmas cards! Next year I promise I’ll have it down.

vintage little housewife

This is my soon to be sister-in-law (yay!), Camille. These are shots for her thank you postcards she’ll be sending out for her bridal showers. Her idea was to be a kind of vintage housewife, using the kinds of appliances that she’ll most likely be receiving as gifts, and her mom’s kitchen was perfect for the ideas. They were so much fun!

Hmm..the perfect meatloaf…



This one is my fav… kind of a stepford wife feel


I have tons more shoots to load! Hopefully everything will be up tonight!!