Benny’s Baptism Announcement

I love putting together cute baptism invites.  I’ve been able to watch Benny grow for the past five years.  He’s got the best smile, and I wanted something that really captured him.  Love the way the red and blue from his tie was able to work with the rest of the card.
 Is it dorky that I always come close to crying when I do these baptism announcements?
Cause I do.

Sista Missionary

When you’ve been in Young Women’s as long as I have, it’s hard not to have some of your girls leave ya for things like missions.. all those great things. Kelsie is so crazy talented and fun, not to mention she’s going to make a great missionary.  We braved the freezing cold to grab a few snaps, and since she’s so photogenic, it didn’t take long at all to get some beautiful shots.

My personal favorite:

Love you Kels!  Here’s to a bright future!


Meet Baby Kenslie

How fun is it for me to hold a teensy tiny baby? Especially since mine are born full grown?

I love this one.

What parent can’t appreciate that look your little one gets right before they fall asleep?

And you gotta love that newborn little pose..

And what girl doesn’t love shoes? Even if she is only a few weeks old..

My oh-so talented friend made the cute blanket (who happens to have had her third baby TODAY.. CoNgRats to the Trosts!!).. And I love the name, Kenslie by the way.. super cute name for a super cute little one.

Bride To Be Cazlyn

So here’s my cute sister-in-laws sis, Cazlyn. I loved how her pics turned out with her long dark hair.. she reminded me of a little princess in the woods.

This one totally reminds me of Snow White..
This one looks super peaceful, when in reality we were surrounded by angry geese who wouldn’t mind their own business.
My favorite field.. especially for bridals.

Tryin’ a little different edit..

Love ya, Caz! I wish you guys the best! Can’t wait to see your pics from the wedding!!