Bride To Be Cazlyn

So here’s my cute sister-in-laws sis, Cazlyn. I loved how her pics turned out with her long dark hair.. she reminded me of a little princess in the woods.

This one totally reminds me of Snow White..
This one looks super peaceful, when in reality we were surrounded by angry geese who wouldn’t mind their own business.
My favorite field.. especially for bridals.

Tryin’ a little different edit..

Love ya, Caz! I wish you guys the best! Can’t wait to see your pics from the wedding!!

sneak peak a roo of cazyln’s bridals

Cazlyn is (and caz, I am so sorry if I misspelled your name even after I asked you how you spell it!) the cutest little bride to be there ever was.. and she happens to be one of my cute sister-in-law’s sister (read it twice if it didn’t make sense the first time) With her long dark hair she looked like she was out of a fairy tale in half of our pics (but you’ll have to wait and see!) I had so much fun just goin out with the girls and talkin‘ their ears off.. Thanks for hangin‘ out with me!

So of course I had to pick my favorite…

Check back soon, so many more to come!!

Gettin’ Hitched!!

I loved working with you two! Thanks for being patient and cooperative..

This post is a mix of both wedding reception, day and bridals from the summer.. enjoy! Flowers and such were amazing.. their party planner was so cute, her contact is if you’re interested in more.

Proud of her catch…
I think you gotta have the classic “cheer” pic cause it’s hillarious to look back on it and look at everyone doing their cheers. I still laugh when I look at mine.

Love the dance…