Bauer’s Turning Three!

And you better be there! Or else…

I wanted to do something funny for Bauer’s birthday invitations cause he has such a funny little personality. This is what popped into my mind… getting him to cooperate was a whole different story.

He loves to punch things. Jess, the dog (don’t call the humane society), the air.. he has such a cute little tough guy face.. I tried to get him to combine the two..

So then you flip your little invite over and you get this.

I know I already asked you not to call the Humane Society, but let’s not call child services either when I tell you that to get him to cry we may have told him he had to go to bed while the other kids were playing. My friend’s idea-not mine, of course. It’s art, it’s serious, it’s a 3-year old’s birthday party. So don’t judge me.

These will go out with the little party favors that I got from I thought the mini gumballs were so cute! I always love filling little bags, but this year I’m going simple and just doing one take home thing.

It should be a good one!

What I’ve been up to

So I have had my hands full, lately.. but I wanted to quick post some of the pictures I’ve been up to. If you have emailed me, or tried to get a hold of me, I am sorry if it takes me a while to get back to you. I will!

This is our cute little Brody.. who took a little spill during the shoot but was still a trooper.. there will definitely be more to come of him because he was such a little ham.
Senior pics went great this year, and I had a blast with all my cute gals!
Family pics.. new location.. I think it’s beautiful!

Possibly my favorite spot to spend summer days? Liberty park.. so cute and vintage.. lots cleaner than I remember it!
Some of my favs.. a friend in my ward had me do her parents’ pictures for their 50th anniversary.. do we love them?
Giddy up buckaroo. I did these of my little boy, Bauer to put on his birthday party invite. The party was postponed due to rain. We ended up having our families come by and in the middle of dinner my dog (a boxer named Rocco) walked in and had a heart attack and died… Happy b day Bow wow. Good thing all his little friends weren’t there to witness!!
One of my cute seniors, Kara, with her guitar…
My fav of Kara…
What a stud!
And our sweet little Brodster
My sister Brooke..
The end. Thanks for your support!

grandma donna is 84!

My last grandparent left is 84 years old and still going strong. She’ll probably outlive us all. I told her I wanted to snap some pictures of her for her 84th birthday, and she asked “why? for my obituary?” Nope, just cause we love your smiling face.

This piano is an awesome antique. It’s one of the things that is so “grandma and grandpa’s house” to me. Also, the painting behind the piano. I always loved to sit and look at that when I was little. I had no idea my grandma painted it!

Happy Birthday Grandma!