Meet Baby Abbie

Little baby Abbie and I go way back. Really. Abbie’s mom, Carrie and I grew up together. And before that, our dads knew each other from their missions. That’s the story, anyway. So you can only imagine how happy I am to see her beautiful little face!
And thanks to my friend, Emily for making the cutest little chair there ever was… I’m surrounded by the most creative gals!

Little Angel..

Gotta love a sweet little baby!

What I’ve been up to

So I have had my hands full, lately.. but I wanted to quick post some of the pictures I’ve been up to. If you have emailed me, or tried to get a hold of me, I am sorry if it takes me a while to get back to you. I will!

This is our cute little Brody.. who took a little spill during the shoot but was still a trooper.. there will definitely be more to come of him because he was such a little ham.
Senior pics went great this year, and I had a blast with all my cute gals!
Family pics.. new location.. I think it’s beautiful!

Possibly my favorite spot to spend summer days? Liberty park.. so cute and vintage.. lots cleaner than I remember it!
Some of my favs.. a friend in my ward had me do her parents’ pictures for their 50th anniversary.. do we love them?
Giddy up buckaroo. I did these of my little boy, Bauer to put on his birthday party invite. The party was postponed due to rain. We ended up having our families come by and in the middle of dinner my dog (a boxer named Rocco) walked in and had a heart attack and died… Happy b day Bow wow. Good thing all his little friends weren’t there to witness!!
One of my cute seniors, Kara, with her guitar…
My fav of Kara…
What a stud!
And our sweet little Brodster
My sister Brooke..
The end. Thanks for your support!

More of Baby Claire

So, for this next pic I have to completely give creative insight to my sister-in-law Jackie (who I 100% copied this idea from.. she just sent out the cutest announcements of her own). Love the sweet baby in white with the contrast of black!

Now this one, I felt a little bit like I should be locked up for child abuse. It was the last shot from our day, and Claire was over it! I felt like in the hustle of just trying to snap her not crying, I didn’t do the best job with composition. But it’s still fun to look at a baby in a pot, right? Right…??

I was trying out a new little prop.. the colorful scarf.. what do you think?

ThaNks foR loOkin!


This shoot turned out so well regardless of the cold. Poor Dax started shivering the second he got out of the car! His dad, Todd, is pretty frail so maybe he got a little bit of that. j/K Dax could take Todd in a fight any day. anyway.. such a cute fam!!
They really do like each other! They’re not fakin it.
Once I handed him a punkin, he was happy again.

Love this! Paris with newbie, Brody.. remember Paris’s maternities from not that long ago?

My Fav! El lovo fantistico!

writer’s block…

Sometimes I think there are too many things that I want to do.. and in the process of doing those things, other things fall through cracks (this week it’s been my poor kids.. el neglecto) Other things I’ve been neglecting.. my blogS, my yard (who am I kidding, my yard has been neglected now for months), getting ready in something besides sweats, and photography! I have like whatever would be writer’s block but to photography. Photography block. So anyway.. any advice? What can I do to help myself? Usually I find music I love.. and lucky me! Regina Spektor’s new album has four songs on playlist, but it’s still not helping me. I don’t know if my brain is on overload from too many lifetime movies, too many home projects (most of them done!!), a rockin’ Halloween decoration thanks very much to my friend, Marianne (we learned how to master a jig saw)! too many lunches out… very much el addictedo to Lone Star thanks to Ash and Jimmy Johns thanks to Marianne, and many other projects that I am VERY excited about, but will tell you about later.. Ah well, I guess I’ve been livin’ it up outside of computer land. Anyway.. here’s a cute one of Brody to make me feel like I am doing something photographyish!

gloomy days r my fav

Brace yourself for lots of train tracks and rickity wooden doors…

I know gorgeous little Ella’s skin looks orange here, but it doesn’t look like this in photoshop, and I’m too lazy to switch it over for my blog. I still thought it was cute enough!

One of my favorites from the day…

She’s so stinkin’ photogenic!

This one is a serious poser! She struck pose after pose..

All boy…

He’s another one who’s hard to get an unposed picture of..

But he is so cute when you finally get him just smilin’!

How can you go wrong with this cute girl, a hat, and train tracks? All of her pictures turned out darling.

Prettiest eyes!!

And my little pookie just sitting on the tracks with glass and who knows what else..