Bauer’s 4.5 year old studly shoot

Meet my Bauer Boy.. He is as sweet as he is intense.  I wanted to grab a few pics of him to blow up for his wall in his room, so I wanted the shoot to feel as much like him as it could.  Within ten minutes, I had more expressions than I knew what to do with.  And he even threw in some of his own poses, which were amazing.  Why do boys always bust out the chin resting on the fist Napoleon Dynamite style? 
Enjoy my little stud muffin!



I have been busy doing who knows what, but I have the feeling that this little sweetie may be taking up some of my time.. Taytum is growing so fast, and the poor thing is already learning how to be patient for pictures.  This may be one of my favorite pictures of her.. one thing I love is the tears welled in the bottom of her eyes.  She had been screaming and pulled it together for me.
Ah I love her!

 And one in color..

Just thought I’d share my little winter baby shoot.

The Bell Family

Went out for a little shoot with these guys over a month ago.. and here are a few of my faves from the shoot..
I don’t know what we’d do without them!  Bentley loves Karmin as her sunday school teacher.. and I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that she always brings the kiddos awesome treats!
The whole family.. I had a lot of fun with this group, thanks for having me!

so cute fam

Swinging back into things with these amazing friends from the ward who are getting sealed soon!
We started at Draper temple, and had some fun there..
Is this not one of the cutest little girls you’ve ever seen?
Love this!
So cute and happy!  I luff you guys!



Ugh… I’ve been out of it when it comes to posting. Blame it on the Swine Flu. It knocked us out for a while, and ever since I’ve just not had the energy to get goin’ again. But I do have plenty to post! Here’s a preview of how cute these pics came out.. I have so many more of some of my cute friend’s little girls.

I got a group of similar pictures to this one that I have to say are my favorites of Bentley to date..

This one’s going on my wall!

Thanks everyone for your support.

And Happy Grandparent’s Day! We love our Grandmas and Grandpas!

train tracks preview

Broken glass and train tracks. This is a place right by where I used to work that I always wanted to do some pictures.. I have to say the pictures turned out so cute, but I don’t know if I’d ever take anyone there again.. I dragged my cute neighbors with me.. so check back to see their cute faces!