Let’s get back into it!

So this will give you an idea of how far behind I am.. these are some pictures from our stay in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. My cute Christiansen clan fam, this is the Jon and Summer department. I have to say, I love Las Vegas, I could happily live there. Thanksgiving was great, Summer and Debbie’s squash soup was aMaZing. I think about it fondly daily. One thing I learned about Jesse’s brother, Jon, is that he HAtEs taking pictures. Hates it. So we had to move fast because he didn’t want to spend much time. So we ran to a nearby spot and then Summer and I had fun running everywhere else with the kids.

My cute niece, Lucie Loo

One of the cutest boys, ever.. Max. He’s full energy all the time.

Love this one!

The whole fam.. I love Summer’s hair just blowin‘ in the wind.. like a sexy superstar.. So did the guys who were just hanging out in their van.. watching us take pictures. That’s always great.

Hunter is the most grown up kindergartner you have ever met. He speaks more eloquently than most adults. He’s such a stud. Sometimes I think Bauer is starting to look a lot like him.

So a huge thanks to Jon and Summer for having us at their beautiful house and another thanks to Jon, who checked Jesse and my eyes and we can now see much better thanks to our contacts (whew.. run on sentence??)
So that’s a taste of some of the stuff I’ve been up to while I’ve been MIA on the whole blog thing.
And also.. I’ve been having some computer issues.. some kind of bug that always pulls up a “playsushi” game. It’s been causing me headaches and then I made the genius move to organize my photobucket.. which broke many of my links. I don’t know if I can commit to fixing it, but I might. So, that’s why you see no pictures below and only photobucket stuff.

colemere family preview

I seriously had so much fun with these guys! I was laughing the whole time.. they were such great sports-it was pretty dang cold. We got SO MANY great shots.. here are just a few…

How can you not love this little face? Looks like trouble…

Wes was such a good sport! Such a good big brother!

Look at this guy! Straight from zoolander! Or maybe a Gap ad..

And how adorable is she? What a cutie!

A little blury but all boy…