Fall Family Shoot

One of my favorite families + one of my favorite locations = these delightful fall photos… I couldn’t decide for a second what it all equaled. But I did have fun as I bossed them around a little bit.

We went for a little bit more of an urban feel.. cause these guys, as you can see, are a little bit edgier.

Look at these cute kiddos! All grown up.

And just to mix it up a little bit, we stopped at one of my favorite fields..

Thanks for being cooperative with me and all my demands!

Beautiful Fall

How cute are these little twinners? I have picture after picture of this same pose, but in every one they are pulling different faces.. So much energy!

They have to get that cuteness from somewhere, right? Here’s their cute mama, I loved how this one turned out! I hope she does, too…

When we first left for the shoot, I thought this little guy would not be into it. But he proved right off the bat that he is a photoshoot natural. Look at that G.Q. pose!

And this small gal is one of the cutest little girlie girls you’ve ever met! I love me a little spunk!

Thanks to Audrey for letting me spend a little time with her and her oh-so cute fam!

Onto my Brookie Cookie.. my lil sis, who always has a different idea of how photos should go then I do. We quickly ran up the canyon to snap a few.. We’re going to have to hit up another shoot to get the pics she had in mind. “I just want them to look like I’m on a little hike”- Brooke

Aww… how cute is she? All grown up and about to get her drivers license. Watch out errbody.

Just a smidge of what I’ve been working on..

So I have been slaving away. But don’t ask me what I’ve been slaving away ON.. I seem to have a slight problem with painting everything over and over again. But that’s another post.. I am happy to say that I have been working on my writing often, and I have actually been getting some things done around my house.. It’s decked out tackily in Halloween and one of the bigger accomplishments- my garage is almost clean enough to park in (As long as you don’t count the five pieces of furniture I bought last Saturday). I have had tons of fun photo shoots over the past couple weeks, and wanted to show this one..

I had the pleasure of working with a sassy little crew of ladies..

Do we love the tutus?

Super intense tea party. Many more cuties to come.. I’m a horrible blogger, but I’m trying my best to keep up with my projects.. Here’s a list of things I want to show that I’ve been working on:

Bauer’s room remodel complete with refinished vintage dressers

Bentley’s finished product of a room

Our homemade Halloween costumes

Our homemade Halloween decorations

My new refinished coffee table.. in indigo

My ruffle pillows

My under construction chandelier


They may not be that interesting, but I want to post ’em!

Plus many more photos!

See ya soon! I hope…

p.s. can I just say I am obsessed with this Bruno Mars song?? I am dorky enough to admit it’s getting me excited for the new Twilight movie!!

Blanding Family Photo Shoot

My oh so cute in laws were up for some family pics (a little while ago..) and I happily explored Blanding, Utah for some spot that would work.. Can I just say that I wish this little place was here in Salt Lake? I loved everything about it.. except the heat, it was blasted hot.

I love this one..

This little guy rocked it like zoolander.. he had more poses than I knew were possible. Pretty much the funniest kid I know..

I have the cutest nieces and nephews.. every picture of her turned out so cute!

Love the blanding landscape!

The wind picked up, but we had to pull to the side of the road and grab a few.. I’m so glad we did!

Thanks guys for being so good-looking, and being good sports about how long it’s taken me to finally show you some pictures from your shoot! Luff your faces.

Cause my friends are smokin’

So I have some pretty decent looking friends. Like, they’re up there on a scale from one to ten. I love it when they ask me to take pictures of them because we always have so much fun. Recently, different projects have come up for them to need a few pics, and here’s a little taste!
Here’s my fav from Dana’s shoot..

Love the chairs! And if you knew Dana, this backdrop just works for her!

Another fav.. I like how the edit turned out for this guy..

Meet Jessica, one of my most favorite roommates of all time.. We had an adventure finding this spot, but once we found a way in we had our own enchanted fortress..

Here’s my fav of her for the day..

Love the light..

Thanks for being gorgeous! Love you gals.

Photobooth It Up!

So we pretty much have an awesome neighborhood. I do have to specify…Of the whole block, I live on the coolest street, but the surrounding area is cool as well. When Jess and I were looking to buy a house, this one was the only one where all the neighbors came out to talk to us as we were looking. They invited us to their block party right off the bat. Needless to say, it has been a tradition on our street over the years, and this year expanded to the rest of the actual “block”. We had neighbors who rented a water slide, a rock climbing wall, a magician, and had an awesome band play. I had to pitch in somehow.. I figured these little photo booths with props are all the rage, and who am I to turn down a trend?

I look at myself and I think.. I would’ve made a fugly man..

Rockin’ the paper beard!

Yeah, you read it right. Bomb.com

Love the extra hand.. Brian demanded too many props and then proceeded to demand an assistant..

Love it!

Don’t let the group scare you off! There are currently homes for sale.. Just sayin’..

If you are thinking about doing a photobooth, Do it!! It’s super easy! I just found a fun large piece of fabric to hang on a fence. The props are all cut out of paper, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do it an hour before the party. Think of how cute they could be if you didn’t procrastinate! I just looked up ideas on pinterest and etsy. These were some of the ones I used as my inspiration:

A word of advice is to keep your sticks on the side. Some of them I taped right in the middle not thinking about the fact the stick would be placed in the middle of the person’s face. Probably most people would think about it, but not me. Check it out, you can learn from my dumb mistakes. I used barbecue skewers and cardstock and just cut freehand. The kids loved this, and it was a lot of fun. I will definitely be doing it again.

Do it at your next party! Tell me how it went!

weLcoMe dAisY

Some of our friends recently adopted this beautiful little gal.. And she is in neighborhood demand.. I have plenty other friends wanting a sneak peek.. So here it is! I know I said I was going to show you my cute 4th of July bags, but that’ll be tomorrow, and a sneak peek of this girl is even better!

Since her Mom and Dad wanted to do some pics in her traditional Chinese dress, I thought it would be fun to do some Chinese architecture, too. I found some at the International Peace Gardens in downtown Salt Lake. I’d never been there before, and thought it was worth visiting..

aaaand here she is!

I think the right word for her would be “spirited.” She was so cute and spunky.. I was in love automatically.

I can’t believe how perfect she is for her new family.. she’s the perfect fit. I loved seeing them all together.

And we are so glad to welcome her to our neighborhood family!

My Gorgeous Gals

Here’s a little preview of our trip to the local orchard. This local orchard just happened to be full of long, wet grass that rocked my allergen world.. like no allergen ever has. I had a Hitch moment when my face and eyes got super swollen and my legs welted and were covered in hives. I learned my lesson… getting older=worse allergies. Also.. if your face and legs are swelling, go home and get out of the way of anyone with a camera-yeah, I’m talking to you, Marielle!!

I have been called to the Young Women in my ward longer than I was in Young Women’s, myself.. and I love it. We thought it would be fun to get some cute pics of the girls before girls’ camp.

Love the apple trees..
Such a cute smile!
Times two!
Times three!
This one’s got the photoshoot down.. Seriously!
Love this one!
So photogenic!

“Ah, You girls just keep me young. I just love you so much.”
– Mean Girls quote… but you already knew that.