Fall Family Shoot

One of my favorite families + one of my favorite locations = these delightful fall photos… I couldn’t decide for a second what it all equaled. But I did have fun as I bossed them around a little bit.

We went for a little bit more of an urban feel.. cause these guys, as you can see, are a little bit edgier.

Look at these cute kiddos! All grown up.

And just to mix it up a little bit, we stopped at one of my favorite fields..

Thanks for being cooperative with me and all my demands!

Beautiful Fall

How cute are these little twinners? I have picture after picture of this same pose, but in every one they are pulling different faces.. So much energy!

They have to get that cuteness from somewhere, right? Here’s their cute mama, I loved how this one turned out! I hope she does, too…

When we first left for the shoot, I thought this little guy would not be into it. But he proved right off the bat that he is a photoshoot natural. Look at that G.Q. pose!

And this small gal is one of the cutest little girlie girls you’ve ever met! I love me a little spunk!

Thanks to Audrey for letting me spend a little time with her and her oh-so cute fam!

Onto my Brookie Cookie.. my lil sis, who always has a different idea of how photos should go then I do. We quickly ran up the canyon to snap a few.. We’re going to have to hit up another shoot to get the pics she had in mind. “I just want them to look like I’m on a little hike”- Brooke

Aww… how cute is she? All grown up and about to get her drivers license. Watch out errbody.

Meet Baby Claire

I have to say that I have missed taking pictures during these winter months. I loved jumping back into it with my neighbor’s oh-so-cute kids..

Love the big brown eyes!!
Sweet big sis and bro…
I think this may be my fav from the group…
Isaac has to take a break from smiling to poke his big sister in the eye..
Mommy.. baby.. spring blossoms.. love it!
After the eye poking incident… gotta love this one!!

Thanks for lookin’!


I knew these would turn out cute just cause I knew the little models I was working with!

A happy little family (well..unless you count Annie.. she doesn’t look too happy)

I’m a big fan of the blue water

Arrr! Pirate face!

Thanks guys! You’re the best.

henries con’t..

I promised Papa Henrie that my blog would be filled with Henrie pictures, so I filled this post with as many pictures as it would allow!

Can you tell I love trees?

Cute Girlie

Ah. my lins.. I miss her being in my laurels group! But I love seein’ her whenever she comes back!

Mom and daughters..

Daddy’s girls

Mmm… color