Always Naughty

 Nothing sums up my kiddos better than that!  This is my card from last year, and I thought I would share.  Our family couldn’t get over the fact that Bauer is actually tied to the chair.  We noticed neighbors looking out their window wondering what was going on.. No big deal, just the next door neighbors tying their three year old to a chair.
It was an easy thing to put together, only took an hour for the pictures and a simple photoshop card.  I’m sure there are all kinds of naughty picture ideas you could come up with!  I thought about making it an every year thing, but baby Taytum is too sweet to be included in the naughty card just yet.  Next year.

LDS Baptism Invite

It’s pretty unbelievable to me that my little girl and her friends are getting baptised in this next year. Ella is the first of this year, and I always love taking her pictures.. look how cute she is! This was an opening card, giving us four pages to fill.. so I knew I needed some cute paper. I found plenty to love on

This is the first page..

And when you open, you see this. Most of the fonts I use I get from There is always plenty to choose from, and I feel like it’s so simple to download. You can click on the picture to see it without my side bar shtuff covering it.

And on the back of the card was this little tidbit..
So here’s an idea of the card all as one..

Love my little Ella bo bella! And I can’t believe my own little Benny Boo has her baptism on the way.. yikes I’m old.

Bauer’s Turning Three!

And you better be there! Or else…

I wanted to do something funny for Bauer’s birthday invitations cause he has such a funny little personality. This is what popped into my mind… getting him to cooperate was a whole different story.

He loves to punch things. Jess, the dog (don’t call the humane society), the air.. he has such a cute little tough guy face.. I tried to get him to combine the two..

So then you flip your little invite over and you get this.

I know I already asked you not to call the Humane Society, but let’s not call child services either when I tell you that to get him to cry we may have told him he had to go to bed while the other kids were playing. My friend’s idea-not mine, of course. It’s art, it’s serious, it’s a 3-year old’s birthday party. So don’t judge me.

These will go out with the little party favors that I got from I thought the mini gumballs were so cute! I always love filling little bags, but this year I’m going simple and just doing one take home thing.

It should be a good one!