Meet Baby Abbie

Little baby Abbie and I go way back. Really. Abbie’s mom, Carrie and I grew up together. And before that, our dads knew each other from their missions. That’s the story, anyway. So you can only imagine how happy I am to see her beautiful little face!
And thanks to my friend, Emily for making the cutest little chair there ever was… I’m surrounded by the most creative gals!

Little Angel..

Gotta love a sweet little baby!

Meet Baby Kenslie

How fun is it for me to hold a teensy tiny baby? Especially since mine are born full grown?

I love this one.

What parent can’t appreciate that look your little one gets right before they fall asleep?

And you gotta love that newborn little pose..

And what girl doesn’t love shoes? Even if she is only a few weeks old..

My oh-so talented friend made the cute blanket (who happens to have had her third baby TODAY.. CoNgRats to the Trosts!!).. And I love the name, Kenslie by the way.. super cute name for a super cute little one.

More of Baby Claire

So, for this next pic I have to completely give creative insight to my sister-in-law Jackie (who I 100% copied this idea from.. she just sent out the cutest announcements of her own). Love the sweet baby in white with the contrast of black!

Now this one, I felt a little bit like I should be locked up for child abuse. It was the last shot from our day, and Claire was over it! I felt like in the hustle of just trying to snap her not crying, I didn’t do the best job with composition. But it’s still fun to look at a baby in a pot, right? Right…??

I was trying out a new little prop.. the colorful scarf.. what do you think?

ThaNks foR loOkin!

Meet Baby Claire

I have to say that I have missed taking pictures during these winter months. I loved jumping back into it with my neighbor’s oh-so-cute kids..

Love the big brown eyes!!
Sweet big sis and bro…
I think this may be my fav from the group…
Isaac has to take a break from smiling to poke his big sister in the eye..
Mommy.. baby.. spring blossoms.. love it!
After the eye poking incident… gotta love this one!!

Thanks for lookin’!

sweet sarah jane

Welcoming the newest addition to one of my favorite families, the feinauers.. teensy tiny Sarah Jane

They’re only this small for a split second, I swear! And if they’re mine, they’re never ever this small..

Welcome to the family, Sarah Jane!

I love a good cryin’ pic..

She was so content and we lucked out, because in between little cat naps she was ready to open her eyes for us.

Welcome to a crazy world!

shiny and bright

Cute little Bauer! Poor guy has to let me stick him in a basket with ornaments. He’s always so happy no matter what.. He did get a little fussy when I tried to get him to look up and he tipped all the way over. Only I could make a little photo shoot like this dangerous. I edited and edited and couldn’t get them quite how I wanted, but I really wanted to do a sneaker peeker..