can you see the pics?

So I just got a comment saying the pictures were not completely visible on her computer.. They are on mine, but I have a big screen.. So tell me, are the pictures being cut off for you?

I would love comments..


  • I guess I should have been more clear. Sorry. I can see your pictures, but part of the right side of them is cut off.My screen is 22″ I don’t know how big yours is. My blog used to cut the part of the pictures off too. all you have to do is go into edit html and make your “main width” a bigger number, or upload a little smaller pictures. If you upload them on photobucket like I do (I upload the large size (640×480) instead of the other ones, then it fits better without making the people scroll over to look at the sidebar on your blog. Sorry if this offends you in any way. I just thought I should let you know because I want people to fully appreciate your work. You do such an awesome job! Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I can help or at least try? :o)

  • The pictures are a little cut off for me but if I want to see the whole thing I just click on the pic and it comes up full size. No prob. I also have a pretty big screen so I am surprised.

  • I had edited my HTML until I switched to a different layout. I’ll just go back to doing that! I don’t know how big my screen is.. I knew it was probably cutting off for a few people, but who knows? And no way! It doesn’t offend me, I’m glad you said something!

    Thanks for comments, everyone!

  • I couldn’t see the right side either. I love your pics!! I would love to watch when the babies are being photographed. That has to be a tender moment.

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