brooke ann

I had too much fun with my sister.. we got so many great shots! Here’s a preview…
I know she’ll be mad if I don’t put one up tonight!

  • I love it! I always thought photography would be fun to do, but I know almost nothing about it. You’ll have to teach someday when I’m rich enough to buy a nice camera and photoshop.

    Hey after I have #2 and lose the weight you should plan on taking our family pics:) Don’t hold your breath though. I might be fat for a long time.

  • You’re awesome! If our photog session with our friends tomorrow doesn’t yeild something good we will call you. (We take their pic, they take ours, you know?) We’re cheap!

  • You do a great job! I love photography. I take a lot of peoples pics out here in California, but I keep it more as a hobby so that I don’t get burned out by it. I think it is a great skill to have when you have kids. Your style is very classy and seriously you do a great job with the rule of thirds and lighting!

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