Bauer’s Turning Three!

And you better be there! Or else…

I wanted to do something funny for Bauer’s birthday invitations cause he has such a funny little personality. This is what popped into my mind… getting him to cooperate was a whole different story.

He loves to punch things. Jess, the dog (don’t call the humane society), the air.. he has such a cute little tough guy face.. I tried to get him to combine the two..

So then you flip your little invite over and you get this.

I know I already asked you not to call the Humane Society, but let’s not call child services either when I tell you that to get him to cry we may have told him he had to go to bed while the other kids were playing. My friend’s idea-not mine, of course. It’s art, it’s serious, it’s a 3-year old’s birthday party. So don’t judge me.

These will go out with the little party favors that I got from I thought the mini gumballs were so cute! I always love filling little bags, but this year I’m going simple and just doing one take home thing.

It should be a good one!

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