ashlie rae preview

If anyone ever wonders why I go by Lindsey Fae, it’s not cause that’s my middle name. Throughout junior high and high school, Ash and I were pretty inseparable. We thought it would be awesome to have rhyming middle names.. so that’s where the Fae comes from. Ash is one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world.. today we snapped a few pics for her business cards (she’s an awesome escrow officer at Bonneville Superior Title..just in case you’re buying a house any time soon) and shtuff.. But I couldn’t help making her model for me cause she’s such a saucy little number…

This one is my fav!

Kay, of course Ash is gorgeous, but why do I feel like Uncle Rico while I’m editing this one? Did I pose her a little Napoleon-Dynamiteish?

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