More of Baby Claire

So, for this next pic I have to completely give creative insight to my sister-in-law Jackie (who I 100% copied this idea from.. she just sent out the cutest announcements of her own). Love the sweet baby in white with the contrast of black!

Now this one, I felt a little bit like I should be locked up for child abuse. It was the last shot from our day, and Claire was over it! I felt like in the hustle of just trying to snap her not crying, I didn’t do the best job with composition. But it’s still fun to look at a baby in a pot, right? Right…??

I was trying out a new little prop.. the colorful scarf.. what do you think?

ThaNks foR loOkin!

Meet Baby Claire

I have to say that I have missed taking pictures during these winter months. I loved jumping back into it with my neighbor’s oh-so-cute kids..

Love the big brown eyes!!
Sweet big sis and bro…
I think this may be my fav from the group…
Isaac has to take a break from smiling to poke his big sister in the eye..
Mommy.. baby.. spring blossoms.. love it!
After the eye poking incident… gotta love this one!!

Thanks for lookin’!