a very haunted halloween

In my Martha Stewart Halloween book (yup, I really do have one) there are the creepiest pictures that I LOVE for Halloween. I wanted to mimic the eerie feel and I love how these turned out! I think I will love them for years to come, for decor! I hope you like ’em!

Could this lane be any more perfect for a fall shoot?

I think Bentley wins for the creepiest creeperton!

richmond fam fall shoot

So I can say that I feel like I’m over my photo block and have been having so much fun recently with my pics! On top of working on my boutique stuff and trying to learn a few other things, life is flowing again.

This was a shoot I actually did a couple weeks ago and am now just posting. Next I’m posting some pics of Todd and Paris’s new baby, Brody… so stay tuned! Also.. I will probably be posting some of what I’ve been up to with my boutique, and I’m excited to know your honest opinions once that’s up. I love you all, and am so grateful for all my amazing friends, family and support!

Kay, Sierra is such a ham! In between posing we would get a few natural, but the posing was so cute!

Look at that face. Trouble. Regan deserves it!

Sisters Sierra and Savannah.

Sierra’s uncle had just gotten married the night before and Sierra was the lucky gal who caught the bouquet! She had slept with it the night before and had to have some pictures with it.

Such a sweet face!

Love the fall!

writer’s block…

Sometimes I think there are too many things that I want to do.. and in the process of doing those things, other things fall through cracks (this week it’s been my poor kids.. el neglecto) Other things I’ve been neglecting.. my blogS, my yard (who am I kidding, my yard has been neglected now for months), getting ready in something besides sweats, and photography! I have like whatever would be writer’s block but to photography. Photography block. So anyway.. any advice? What can I do to help myself? Usually I find music I love.. and lucky me! Regina Spektor’s new album has four songs on playlist, but it’s still not helping me. I don’t know if my brain is on overload from too many lifetime movies, too many home projects (most of them done!!), a rockin’ Halloween decoration thanks very much to my friend, Marianne (we learned how to master a jig saw)! too many lunches out… very much el addictedo to Lone Star thanks to Ash and Jimmy Johns thanks to Marianne, and many other projects that I am VERY excited about, but will tell you about later.. Ah well, I guess I’ve been livin’ it up outside of computer land. Anyway.. here’s a cute one of Brody to make me feel like I am doing something photographyish!