don’t you wear your tutu to salt air?

How cute are these girls? All of my friends seriously have the cutest kids! We decided to round up whoever wanted to come and ventured on out to SaltAir. I haven’t been there since I was little.. and all I can remember about that is my mom took us there to ride elephants? I’m not making it up. I have pics to prove it.

Here’s one of my favs.. Brooklyn with her balloons…

Both Miley and Bauer were not too excited about being there. But I got cute pics of Miley… Bauer not so much.

Anna was our little star! I had been warned beforehand about her lack of enthusiasm for picture taking, but she did so well!

The girls got spunk..

I love the old west feel..

Help me out! I love this picture of Bentley, and I can’t decide how I love it most. Let me know what you think…



Color crop

The stinky trip out there was worth it!


Ugh… I’ve been out of it when it comes to posting. Blame it on the Swine Flu. It knocked us out for a while, and ever since I’ve just not had the energy to get goin’ again. But I do have plenty to post! Here’s a preview of how cute these pics came out.. I have so many more of some of my cute friend’s little girls.

I got a group of similar pictures to this one that I have to say are my favorites of Bentley to date..

This one’s going on my wall!

Thanks everyone for your support.

And Happy Grandparent’s Day! We love our Grandmas and Grandpas!