I’ve been wanting to use this carriage for a while, and I can’t wait to do more with it. It’s one of my favorite childhood memories.. Benny loves it too! She’s been wanting to go, and so we took off tonight. I think she’ll like these for her room.. Next time we need a crown and gloves!

my faves from the augades

Here are just a few more from the Augades shoot..

Hopefully I’ll be better about posting more soon.. I’ve hit some growing pains with trying to decide how much time to spend on pictures, and defining my style and brand.. hopefully I’ll get things figured out, and have lots of fun stuff to post soon! Thanks for all of the support that I’ve received from friends and family.. It means a lot.. although I don’t get a ton of comments, I do get a lot of hits, and I appreciate everyone who has links to me from their blogs, and everyone who refers to me.