augade preview

One of my favorite families from the ward.. Deidra and I used to be in Young Women’s together, but now she misses me like crazy. Okay, maybe not. I talked their ears off the whole car ride to Garden Park Ward, and back. Am I the only one that finds themself doing that? It’s a problem. Regardless, I love hanging out with these guys, and they were too easy and cute to work with!

I couldn’t believe how well Zack did! He was awesome with his cute litte missing tooth smile.

I love this one!

More to come!

grandma donna is 84!

My last grandparent left is 84 years old and still going strong. She’ll probably outlive us all. I told her I wanted to snap some pictures of her for her 84th birthday, and she asked “why? for my obituary?” Nope, just cause we love your smiling face.

This piano is an awesome antique. It’s one of the things that is so “grandma and grandpa’s house” to me. Also, the painting behind the piano. I always loved to sit and look at that when I was little. I had no idea my grandma painted it!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

colter and camille’s wedding dinner

So maybe this is a post I should be posting on my personal blog, because the photography in this isn’t anything special. But he’s my bro, so I’m postin’! Sometimes I feel like I dwell way too much on details, but I was so happy in the ending after all of the work! We did the dinner at Trio Cafe, and they were great to work with my wishes. I loved that the menu had a picture of Colter and Camille..

Today just engaged.. tomorrow Mr and Mrs!!!

I got tons of compliments on how creative I am.. I just stole all the ideas from Martha Stewart. Isn’t that how it always goes? Thanks Marth. I made tons and tons of hanging pom poms, sitting pom poms, favor pom poms. I’m cool going without purple and yellow tissue paper for a while. I wish I would have time to get a better picture that did it justice. It looked awesome!

Favors were delicious cookies from little dutch boy bakery. Wrapped in tissue paper, of course.

My table numbers all had pictures of Colter and Camille on the back. Everyone’s napkin had a flower on it, too.

Mama Shauna and Papa Bruce. My parents also happen to be parents of the groom.

Meet the bride’s parents, Jenny and Arnold West. I actually knew these guys before Colter and Camille knew each other.. I went to school with Camille’s older sister.

Mix cd’s of the couple’s favorite songs. In my family, music is kind of a big deal. I think it comes from my dad. Colter has met someone who shares his same taste in music.. what else can you ask for?

Last, but definately not least.. the groom’s cake. I love how this turned out! As I was stressin’ about getting everything put together. I opened the back of my car to show my dad how awesome the cake turned out.. It had tipped over! I swore.. A couple times. But thanks to my dad, the cake got fixed (Grandma Shirl was a professional cake decorator.. it rubbed off). Stephanie Morgan, who lives in my ward not only does cakes, but teaches cake classes. If anyone is interested in a cake, she is the girl! She has the best prices! Ever since Colter and Camille got engaged, I’d been wanting to do a fun Nintendo cake. Colter always chose to be Yoshi, so I wanted to incoorporate that, but I think this turned out awesome..

congrats to my brother!!

My brother, Colter and his cute girlfriend of five years (through high school and the mission), Camille, decided to tie the knot yesterday! I have been so busy with everything for the wedding dinner that I haven’t had time to post anything. Here’s a cute wedding dance photo.. There will definately be more to come!

True to her vintage style, Camille wanted old fashioned-y portraits to be there when you first walk into the reception center. Here’s what we got…

congrats! love you guys!!


I knew these would turn out cute just cause I knew the little models I was working with!

A happy little family (well..unless you count Annie.. she doesn’t look too happy)

I’m a big fan of the blue water

Arrr! Pirate face!

Thanks guys! You’re the best.

lindsay and soni wedding preview

Just a sneak peek..

This wedding was so colorful and full of life! I have so many pictures to go through because there was so much going on. I love the pic above because all the sparkles in the string and the bubbles. And you can see Lindsay’s mama through the couple.

Linds was such a beautiful bride. She was seriously radiant. Thanks for letting me share in your day!

More soon (hopefully!) to come!