My nephew, Gavin has got more energy than most kids times five. Trying to catch a few pictures of him was tough! The few that I did get definately get who he is. You know me, though. The little troublemakers are my favorites!

Basically the view I had of him the whole time…

What a stud..

It really doesn’t get more boyish than dirt and boogers.

Runnin’! Always runnin’.

Standing still for just a sec.. You can see it in his eyes. He’s looking at what he’s going to run to next.

Lookin’ at his cute mama

One of my favorites..

Getting ready to go down the slide! Isn’t it awesome to see a beautiful blue sky again? I’ve missed good weather.

What a handsome little man. This is my favorite. When did our babies turn into kids?

small town

More of Lava Hot Springs, mostly because I can’t get enough small towns that have personality.

How cool is this library sign? I barely even photoshopped it..

Here’s a pretty decent view of most of main street.

There was so much cool texture everywhere.

I wanted to try a different edit feel..

Love this one!

And my little doll. It was the most picture perfect night, and what made it better was it was my favorite holiday of all time! Valentine’s!

lava hot springs

We lucked out this weekend. We got to go with some friends up to Lava Hot Springs to their getaway house.. it was so relaxing to get away! Not to mention so much fun. I love little rustic towns. I just walked around their little main street taking pictures of all of the cute shops. Maybe I’ll post some! But tell me the truth, which of the following two pictures do you like best?..

The sun was just sitting and hitting the water beautifully (as I was running into the gas station to get my diet coke)


You can see more, and I love the tree in this one.


No tree, but moodier. Let me know what you think!

in love with bakerella…

I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t ever heard of these.. and that makes me sad. Sad because it’s two of my favorite things combined.. cupcakes and food on sticks. Cupcake on a stick!?! Happy Valentine’s Day, me!

Now, I know everyone has already heard about these, but in case you didn’t know how to make them, you can find them on the bakerella website.

So cute!

meet sir frederick

“freddy” for short

This is the persian kitty that Jess got for me when we were first marred (that’s right.. “marred”) Luckily for us, when we had a baby, my aunt Sharon took him and loved him. He’s just got the funniest face.. had to post him on me blog.