superbowl must-have

I have a new goal. Even if I don’t have pictures to post, I’m posting something. Why not start with this? It’s simply amazing..

Ya wanna make it don’t you? You can’t even wait for the superbowl. You love bacon and twinkies mixed and I know you’ve been waiting for the recipe that combines them and guacamole. Well, get on with yo bad self..

I love stumpleupon

the rest of the (soon to be) rosenlofs

We took so many pictures! I wanted to get a good mix of the different things we got.. Getting married is so much fun!

Probably my favorite..

Had to help out the heart hands with photoshop..

Had to get some with their cute dog, thondo.. I think that’s how it’s spelled? It’s means love in some kind of African language

Love this one!

Umm.. maybe this one is my favorite?

henries con’t..

I promised Papa Henrie that my blog would be filled with Henrie pictures, so I filled this post with as many pictures as it would allow!

Can you tell I love trees?

Cute Girlie

Ah. my lins.. I miss her being in my laurels group! But I love seein’ her whenever she comes back!

Mom and daughters..

Daddy’s girls

Mmm… color

thanks for the comments!

Hey! Thanks for all the comments.. I accidentally just deleted a bunch. I just wanted to letcha know I got them.
Cami- I would love to do a class together! I will call you.
Christina- Thanks for all the nice comments! I keep saying that Bentley looks like Jackie, so I’m glad to hear someone agrees.

dax continued..

Cute little Dax!

aww.. I already miss ’em. Too bad he’s a packaged deal with his mom and dad.

Did I hear someone call handsome? Yo. Whattup.

Todd and Paris.. you know I’m just kidding. I couldn’t have a mo favorite packaged deal.


dev, tiff and deags preview

Little Deagan… probably honestly the cutest baby ever born. He just has the biggest brown eyes!

Happy Family.. It was the coldest day!! I got in my car and it the thermometer read 23 degrees. Poor Deagan starting crying towards the end cause he was freezin’. We were like runnin’ from spot to spot. It was one of the fastest shoots I’ve ever done!

Just a small preview.. there are so many more great ones!

colemere extended fam

Not completely finished, but I wanted to load some of these! I learned that I still definately need some skills for big groups with kids..

Cutest little kids ever…

I love how this one feels grand..

Beautiful smiles..

Sometimes things like kids looking to their parents make me love the pic more..

With the Grandparents..

Thanks for the adventure!