This is my aunt Sharon’s little puppy, Stella. She’s so cute! She’s always got her little tongue stickin’ out. She was shipped to Utah by plane by a breeder and she was so tiny the flight almost killed her. They didn’t think she would live, so the family who had purchased her (for 1800 bucks!) took her to the vet. She ended up being nursed back to health, and here she is! All three pounds of her.

ashlie rae preview

If anyone ever wonders why I go by Lindsey Fae, it’s not cause that’s my middle name. Throughout junior high and high school, Ash and I were pretty inseparable. We thought it would be awesome to have rhyming middle names.. so that’s where the Fae comes from. Ash is one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world.. today we snapped a few pics for her business cards (she’s an awesome escrow officer at Bonneville Superior Title..just in case you’re buying a house any time soon) and shtuff.. But I couldn’t help making her model for me cause she’s such a saucy little number…

This one is my fav!

Kay, of course Ash is gorgeous, but why do I feel like Uncle Rico while I’m editing this one? Did I pose her a little Napoleon-Dynamiteish?

colemere family preview

I seriously had so much fun with these guys! I was laughing the whole time.. they were such great sports-it was pretty dang cold. We got SO MANY great shots.. here are just a few…

How can you not love this little face? Looks like trouble…

Wes was such a good sport! Such a good big brother!

Look at this guy! Straight from zoolander! Or maybe a Gap ad..

And how adorable is she? What a cutie!

A little blury but all boy…

shiny and bright

Cute little Bauer! Poor guy has to let me stick him in a basket with ornaments. He’s always so happy no matter what.. He did get a little fussy when I tried to get him to look up and he tipped all the way over. Only I could make a little photo shoot like this dangerous. I edited and edited and couldn’t get them quite how I wanted, but I really wanted to do a sneaker peeker..

brooke ann continued

I’m sure you’ll see more of Brooke… she’s my sister so she’ll have to deal with being my model! I want to get more of “her” She plays violin and is into her ripstick (I can’t even stand on that thing without eating it), she swims, runs track and skies. So next time I’m going to get those things..

Here’s what we got so far!